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Hot Press For Particle Board

Hot Press For Particle Board Model BY134×8/12-8(With simultaneous closing device)
Hot Press For Particle Board Model BY134×8/12-8 (With simultaneous closing device)

Main technical data:
1.Nominal pressure:12000kn
2.Direction of board feed-in:1500mm side
3.Finished board size:2440×1220mm
4.Hot platen specification:2700×1500×100mm
5.Number of opening:8 layers
6.Quantity of hot platen:9 pcs
7.Daylight opening:200mm
8.Press closing time:13s(with energy accumulator)
9.Oil cylinder (diameter×stroke):φ320×1600mm
10. Number of cylinder:6 pcs
11.Specific pressure of board:40.3 kg/cm2
12.Hydraulic system pressure:25 MPa
13.Heating medium:thermal oil
14.Electric control mode:Automatic + manual
15.Total power:82kw
16.Net weight:80000kg Approx
17.Overall dimension(L*W*H):2700*2300*5250mm Approx
Hot Press For Particle Board Model BY214×8/12-8
Hot Press For Particle Board Model BY214×8/12-8

Maim technical data:
1.Nominal pressure: 12000kn
2.Finished product specification:
3.Direction of board feed-in: 2700mm side
4.Number of opening:8 layers
5.Daylight opening:130mm
6.Hot platen specification:2700×1500×60mm
7.Oil cylinder(diameter×stroke):φ320×1040mm
8.Number of cylinder:6 units
9.Hydraulic system rated pressure:25mpa
10.Heating medium: saturation steam or thermal oil
11.Press closing time:30s
12.Normal opering temperature:130℃
13.Control mode: Automatic+manual
14.Frame thickness:40mm
15.Total power:35kw Approx.
16.Net weight:52000kg Approx.
17.Overall dimension of press(L×W×H):
1500×3460×4785mm Approx.
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